Directly outside the house in “Kyrkviken” you can catch northern pike, perch and zander. There is also a wide selection of guided fishing tours in Åland. To get started with fishing and to have the best fishing experience you can book one of the many experienced sport fishing guides, even if you have fished in Åland before. The guides will help you to find the best fishing spots.


Popular fishing contests are organized annually in Åland

Trollingträff Åland is already a tradition, the contest has been held since 1993 and attracts participants from near and far. A new variant of fishing contests, 24-hour events where you fish a whole day anywhere in Åland (with fishing permit), is a competition type that is growing in popularity.

Eckerö has also excellent hunting grounds for hunting of deer and white-tailed deer, among others (requires a permission of the hunting club).